Arctic cold front: Video shows effects of crippling ice storm slamming into Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

A devastating ice storm hit Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as a winter storm hit the United States this Christmas.

Icy roads caused a parked car in Seattle to slide down the street and crash into multiple cars, all of which were captured on video.

I can hear people screaming helplessly as the damage unfolds. Barely in a driverless car he was missing two people.

Thankfully, warm weather passed through Seattle on Christmas Eve and melted some of its ice, but now officials are concerned about avalanches in the area.

Upstate New York, on the other hand, celebrates a white Christmas even after a winter blizzard. They are used to snow, but they don’t like it.

The video shows a snowy street with abandoned cars, with nothing visible beyond the bright snow.

“This is not something we’re proud of. But in the worst-hit areas, we don’t have emergency services available,” said county official Mark Polonkers.

A mother turned to Facebook after paramedics failed to reach her 1-year-old on a ventilator at home. They’ve lost their strength, so she’s been manually giving air to her child.

Much of the country is paralyzed by the bitter cold.

ABC’s Rob Marciano said, “These conditions are so bad that they are currently considered one of the worst blizzards in history.” You have to wear ski goggles just to be able to see from high winds.”

Electricity is a national problem, with utilities in at least 13 states asking customers to conserve electricity to avoid blackouts.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, this marks one of the largest winter weather warnings and advisories.

Even in normally warm Florida there is no escape from the cold. This video shows how the Pensacola Fountain water is frozen.

The massive storm also took a toll on air travel. Over 20% of his flights were canceled on Friday. This year’s record. Many travelers have not yet reached their vacation destination.

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